Listening for Success
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Internal marketing, customer service, gestalt, feng shui.  Whatever you are looking for as a descriptor, the end result is you want your patients to feel good while they are in your office, accept the treatment plan, pay for it, have a desire to come back again, and tell others about the pleasant experience.  We have all heard the statement in various forms, “I hate going to the dentist!”  I disagree with the notion that most people hate going to the dentist.  While most don’t look forward to having dental work done, if the rest of the experience is rewarding to them, then most patients would love going to the dental office.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the participant should be able to do the following:

  1. Understand that the way a patient is treated in your office is dictated by you, the dentist, and your attitudes. 
  2. Comprehend that a well-trained and confident team will be more apt to treat patients in a way that suggests that they are liked and that the team wants them to stay in the practice. 
  3. Understand how to write a program that dictates the expectations of how each patient should be treated. 
  4. Ensure that team members know and understand that they will be held accountable for patient relations.


Cancellations, no-shows, treatment plans not accepted, and patients leaving your practice are all major concerns that most dental offices face every day.  Can you do anything about it?  We believe you can.  We know we can because we have seen it done.  It all boils down to communications: what we say, how we say it, what we hear, and how we hear it.  The unspoken language is extremely important—the communication among the dental team, the physical office, and the patients.

  1. Introduction
  2. Listening 
  3. Why do patients feel indifference from your team? 
  4. Team work: the key to excellent internal marketing 
    1. Trust 
    2. Communications 
      1. Spoken 
      2. Listening 
      3. Unspoken 
      4. Assertive 
      5. Passive 
      6. Aggressive 
      7. Assertive 

    3. Motivation 

  5. 7+1 musts for every job description 
  6. Core drivers to internal marketing 
  7. Clarity and two-way communications 
  8. Making certain that  you’ve got the goods 
  9. Complete communications: who heard what? 
  10. No more responsibilities to add to a job description 
  11. Quick and simple telephone skills 
  12. Resolving conflict 
  13. Summary


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