Handpiece Maintenance
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Proper handpiece maintenance can extend the life of handpieces and increase the efficiency of the dental team. With extended handpiece life cycle, proper maintenance causing fewer repairs, the results will save money.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to do the following:


  1. Provide general understanding of how handpieces work.
  2. Provide understanding of common mistakes with handpiece maintenance.
  3. Provide instruction on proper handpiece maintenance.
  4. Provide overall improvement of dental processes and save money with the improved processes.


With proper understanding of handpieces and maintenance procedures, the life expectancy of handpieces can be increased as well as increase the efficiency of the dental team. This course will cover how a handpiece works, what causes failures, how to increase the longevity and performance of handpieces. Ultimately, proper maintenance will save money.

  1. Introduction
  2. How Highspeed Handpieces Work
  3. Common Causes of Highspeed Handpiece Failures
    1. Basic Components of Bearings
    2. More Causes of Highspeed Failures

  4. Common Mistakes in Handpiece Maintenance
  5. Maintenance Procedures for Highspeed Handpieces
    1. Dry Off the Handpiece
    2. B. Lubricate the Handpiece
    3. Run the Handpiece to Expel Excess Oil
    4. Clean Fiber Optic Surfaces
    5. Bag the Handpiece
    6. Sterilize
    7. Dry the Handpiece

  6. Lowspeed Motors and Attachments
  7. Mistakes in Lowspeed Maintenance
  8. Maintenance Procedures for Lowspeed Handpieces
  9. Air Stations
  10. Sterilizers
  11. Air Quality
  12. Proper Air Pressure
  13. Summary

  1. Leonard Daniel L. D.D.S, Charlton, David G.,D.D.S., M.S.D, Performance of High-Speed Dental Handpieces Subjected to Simulated Clinical Use and Sterilization. JADA September 1999; 130: 1301-1310.

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