Welcome to ADA CE Online Loyalty Program!

ADA CE Online Loyalty Program rewards loyal users like you with the opportunity to enhance their educational goals through a subscription of unlimited continuing education courses for one year.

What is the ADA CE Online Loyalty Program?

The ADA CE Online Loyalty program is a subscription plan designed to allow the subscriber of the program access to the entire ADA CE Online course library for one year and one flat fee.

The subscriber of the Loyalty Program can take as few or as many courses offered by ADA CE Online for an entire year. This means if ADA CE Online features 90 courses when you subscribe and 10 courses are added the following week your reward just got bigger! the plan includes the addition of new courses for one year. As the course library grows, so does your continuing education opportunities.

For one flat subscription fee of $479 (ADA members) and $719 (non-members) the subscriber of the program is rewarded with a variety of educational courses featuring imbedded video, live-patient dental procedures, and case study examples to enhance your learning experience!

Imagine having a library of CE courses at your fingertips for one year and never having to search for an online CE opportunity again.

How Do I Subscribe?

  1. Review the ADA CE Online Loyalty program information page.

  2. Click on the button that represents your status (ADA member $479 or non- member $719).

  3. If you are logged in to ADA CE Online you can proceed to the shopping cart and complete the checkout process. Remember to confirm your purchase.

  4. If you are not logged in to ADA CE Online you can proceed to the sign in/registration page. If you are registered users of ADA CE Online sign in with your user id and password.

    If you are not a registered user of ADA CE Online click on” register for free” and complete the registration process. Click on the shopping cart button located by your name to complete the checkout process.

  5. Payment is due in full at time of purchase. The ADA CE Online Loyalty program is non- refundable and non- transferable.

  6. Welcome to the Loyalty Program you have now joined an elite group of subscribers. The subscriber will notice a different view of the ADA CE Online Homepage. (You can access the homepage by clicking on Home.) You will now see a start button next to each course. To take courses simply click on start. To access a course you have started but not completed click on My Courses.

The ADA CE Online Loyalty subscriber can now start enjoying the convenience of unlimited CE courses!

Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions
  1. Benefits of the program are limited to the subscriber(purchaser) of the subscription program.

  2. All courses added to your "My Course" account will expire 1 year from the date of Loyalty Program purchase.

  3. CE verification letters are in the name of the subscriber (purchaser) only.

  4. CEU will be awarded to the subscriber (purchaser) only.

  5. ADA "members only" courses are not available to non-members.

  6. Courses may not be copied or down loaded.

  7. The ADA CE Online Loyalty program is non- refundable and non- transferable.

Please click on the applicable button to add the loyalty program to your shopping cart.