About ADA CE Online

About ADA CE Online

Submitting Course Content

Technical Requirements

Registration Process & Fees

About ADA CE Online

One of the goals in establishing the ADA's Center for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL) was to expand the Association's distance learning opportunities. ADA CE Online is an e-learning system that provides the dental profession with access to a comprehensive online CE library, accessible 365/24/7. The primary objectives of ADA CE Online are:

  • To bring new distance learning opportunities to dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental office staff to help meet their professional development needs;
  • To create a comprehensive online learning system for the dental profession.

Registrants may select from a variety of educational programs which reflect a broad range of contemporary information. ADA CE Online is the premier dental distance learning resource dedicated to helping the healthcare professional achieve a higher level of knowledge and information.

Submitting Course Content

The ADA accepts Online CE course proposals year-round. All proposals must be submitted via e-mail attachment using this form (ADA CE Course Proposal .pdf). Please contact ADA CE Online at ce_online@ada.org with any questions regarding submission of course proposals.

Originality and Exclusivity. ADA CE Online will consider only courses that are original, have not been published elsewhere and have been submitted exclusively to ADA CE Online.

Submission of Revised Course Proposals. After the course proposal has gone through review, the ADA CE Committee makes a decision as to its disposition: accept; minor revision; major revision; revise and resubmit; reject. In all but the first and the last cases, the author will be invited to submit a revised course manuscript.

The specific number of continuing education credits assigned to a course is determined by the length of time a new learner would require to complete the course and the breadth of the content material. The CE Committee assigns the number of credits and ensures that all courses meet the guidelines established by the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP).

Submission Review

Committee Review. Courses in ADA CE Online are subject to committee review process: reviewers assess the submission against ADA education standards to ensure high-quality content. Because the reviewers volunteer their time, reviews may take from three to four weeks to complete.

Decision. Once the reviewers have completed their critiques, they make a recommendation about the submission: accept, accept with minor revisions, revise and resubmit, or reject.

Editing. ADA CE Online reserves the right to edit submissions to ensure conciseness, clarity and stylistic consistency. After accepted courses are edited, they are returned to the authors for review and comment before course development.

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CE Activity/Course Criteria

  1. Educational objectives identifying the expected learner outcomes must be developed for each activity and published for the intended audience.
  2. The activity provider must develop an activity evaluation for attendees. These questions must:
    1. Be appropriate to the objectives and educational methods;
    2. Measure the extent to which course objectives have been accomplished;
    3. Assess course content, instructor effectiveness, and overall administration.
  3. The activity must adhere to CERP standards:
    1. ADA CERP standards and criteria are designed to ensure separation of promotional activities from continuing dental education (CDE) activities in the following ways: 1) CDE providers must demonstrate that all educational activities offered are independent of commercial influence, either direct or indirect, and 2) CDE providers must ensure that all financial relationships between the provider and commercial entities, as well as all financial relationships between course planners and faculty and commercial entities are fully disclosed to participants.
    2. CDE providers must ensure that continuing dental education activities promote improvements in oral healthcare and not a specific drug, device, service or technique of a commercial entity.*
    3. Product-promotion material or product-specific advertisement of any type is prohibited in or during continuing dental education activities. Live promotional activities (staffed exhibits, presentations) or enduring promotional activities (print or electronic advertisements) must be kept separate from CDE. The juxtaposition of editorial and advertising material on the same products or subjects must be avoided during CDE activities.*
      1. For live, face-to-face CDE, advertisements and promotional materials cannot be displayed or distributed in the educational space immediately before, during, or after a CDE activity. Providers cannot allow representatives of commercial interests to engage in sales or promotional activities while in the space or place of the CDE activity.
      2. For print CDE activities, advertisements and promotional materials will not be interleafed within the pages of the CDE content. Advertisements and promotional materials may face the first or last pages of printed CDE content as long as these materials are not related to the CDE content they face and are not paid for by the commercial supporters of the CDE activity.
      3. For electronically mediated/computer based CDE activities, advertisements and promotional materials will not be visible on the screen at the same time as the CDE content and not interleafed between computer ‘windows’ or screens of the CDE content
      4. For audio and video based CDE activities, advertisements and promotional materials will not be included within the CDE. There will be no ‘commercial breaks.’
      5. Educational materials that are part of a CDE activity, such as slides, abstracts and handouts, cannot contain any advertising, trade name or a product-group message.
      6. Print or electronic information distributed about the non- CDE elements of a CDE activity that are not directly related to the transfer of education to the learner, such as schedules and content descriptions, may include product promotion material or product-specific advertisement.
    4. CDE providers that also offer activities designed to promote drugs, devices, services or techniques must clearly disclose the promotional nature of the activity in publicity materials and in the activity itself. Promotional activities must not be designated for CDE credit. The CDE hours awarded must not include the promotional hours.
* Adapted from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education Standards for Commercial Support.

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Authors' Responsibilities

Content Author Agreement. The author(s) owns the content of the submitted course manuscript and grants ADA CE Online license to publish the content through an agreed upon ADA contract. If a course proposal is approved for creation, the ADA will work directly with the speaker(s)/author(s) to develop a contract that includes consent, disclosures, potential fees, and any conflicts of interest.

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Any publicity (press releases, press coverage, etc.) about courses published in ADA CE Online must be coordinated with the ADA. We will contact you regarding promoting courses.

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Technical Requirements

This site can be best viewed from a tablet or desktop (PC or Mac) and functions well on smart phones. Be sure your web browser is up to date. Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later and Microsoft Edge are all acceptable. Video course requires higher bandwidth internet connect for the best experience. Javascript and pop-ups must be enabled for ADACEOnline.org. Some courses include additional resources in Adobe Acrobat format. Adobe Acrobat Reader

We recommend that each registrant test their personal computer with a free CE course prior to purchasing a course.

ADA CE Online would like you to have a user-friendly experience when taking an online continuing education course. If you have any problems during registration or accessing any of the programs, please Contact Us and we will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Registration Process & Fees

All first time users are required to complete registration which establishes your own dedicated ADA CE Online account with your own unique username and password. When accessing the Web site again, simply log in with your e-mail address and password for unlimited access.

  • to your personal account
  • to courses you have purchased for up to one year after date of purchase


ADA Members: $49 per CE credit, HD ADA Studio content $59 per CE credit

Nonmembers: $69 per CE credit, HD ADA Studio content $79 per CE credit

Thanks for your interest in ADA CE Online. In order to receive member pricing on the course(s) you’re interested in, please provide your ADA number during the registration process. If you are not currently a member, you’ll have access to member pricing on these courses when you join the ADA today. Please visit the ADA Member Center at ADA.org/join to learn more about membership options. To check your membership status, contact the ADA Member Service Center at 312.440.2500. Thank you.

Refund Policy

All Online CE purchases are final

Due to the diversity of Internet Service Providers, bandwidth limitations and variations in computers used by dental professionals, there may be minor difficulties encountered by some registrants. The ADA CE Online technology has been designed to maintain a quality media presentation in most situations. However, we have no control over the registrant’s web browsers, bandwidth or Internet Service Providers and therefore do not provide refunds for purchased courses.

We recommend that each registrant test their personal computer with the free CE course prior to purchasing a course. We also recommended that you view the descriptive pages associated with each course you wish to purchase. If these materials are viewed successfully, you should have no problems accessing the ADA CE Online courses.

If you are unable to access the free CE course and demonstration, we recommend that you do not purchase any courses until the problem is resolved. Please contact ADA CE Online customer service between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm CST to help resolve any difficulties.

Your registration provides you with one year of unlimited access to purchased courses. In the event that you do not complete your online CE course in one session, simply login again at another time.